Gerry Spehar is an indie-country musician and songwriter. As America emerges from the darkness of Donald Trump, Spehar's latest album, Lady Liberty, is a bookend to 2018’s Anger Management.  It is a celebration of hope, dedicated to the countless men and women who stood fast to renounce our darker inclinations and protect our Democracy, from the record number of voters to the Supreme Court. Lady Liberty, Day One is dedicated to John Lewis, a giant of Civil Rights.  Laura Dean is dedicated to the brave souls who protect and help us as the Pandemic rages, thank you, and to all who have succumbed to its ravages, in particular John Prine and Charley Pride. May they rest in peace.



2018 Top Albums: No. 7.  Anger Management

2018 Top Singles: No 10. Thank You Donald

Anger Management is without a doubt one of the best albums you are going to hear in 2018.  This music is absolutely timeless. A perfect album with a perfect message, and most importantly, an absolute joy to listen to!

Ron Trembeth