Sometimes it's good to take a break. In the case of Gerry Spehar, a thirty year break has undeniable merit. 

Gerry Spehar is from an old Colorado pioneer family--coal miners, ranchers and homesteaders. He was born and raised in Grand Junction, worked on his Uncle Will's ranch punching cattle and farming. Uncle Will gave him his first guitar, a Stella, when Gerry was 13. Gerry started writing songs immediately, practiced like a fiend, absorbing Mississippi John Hurt finger style guitar and drinking in everyone from Haggard to Hendrix.

Gerry lived the late 60s dream, hitchhiking from CU Boulder to home and back. In 1968 when his study abroad in France was interrupted by the student revolution, Gerry bummed all over Europe, playing in train stations and cafes and living off tips. He came home to his college sweetheart Sue and got serious about music, resuming a duo with his brother George.

The Spehar Brothers were the buzz of the mountain and midwest club circuit, opening for Boz Scaggs, Ian & Sylvia, John Fahey, and Townes Van Zandt. Bill & Bonny Hearne cut Gerry's song Georgetown, with Nancy Griffith contributing vocals. Things were happening.

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