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Gerry Spehar is a man on a mission.  Following up his critically acclaimed old-school protest album, Anger Management, the Colorado singer songwriter guitar picker is back with Lady Liberty, a bookend celebration of America’s triumph over the darkness of Donald Trump.


Here, Gerry is backed by the always psychedelic Paul Lacques (I See Hawks In L.A.), prog instrumentalists Joe Berardi and Marc Doten (Double Naught Spy Car), L.A. legends Gabe Witcher (Punch Brothers) and Rick Moors (Bonedaddys), trumpeter Errin Bone, guitarist Javi Ramos, and vocalist Christine Spehar. 


As with Anger Management, the album focuses poignantly on issues that plague the country, but now with hope, not fear.

The songs are undeniably catchy and a compelling listen, and the same description of Gerry's previous releases applies:  The spirit of the 70s, fresh and unbattered and ready for a world that needs a bit of optimism.

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