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Other Voices celebrates a songwriters dream team, compiling four decades of Nashville and Los Angeles recordings of my songs by first-call session singers and players, remixed and mastered by Grammy winners Alfonso Rodenas and Emerson Mancini. It is dedicated to its magnificent cast of great singers and players who reached into the heart of its songs to make them dance, and to my good friend and producer Paul Lacques who revived my career; the heavens have gained a great one. Thank you to brilliant “other voices” Teresa James, Gary Lynn Floyd, Lisa McKenzie, Dale Watson and Lisa Daye; and to the amazing musicians who have lent their talents to my songs over the years.


This album captures the best of Bobby Allison and Gerry Spehar, two old friends who lived the troubadour wild life in 70s Colorado and the ambitious songwriter scramble in the Nashville 80s, and never stopped. They had too much fun, but the craft was dead serious.

It is dedicated to friendship, collaboration, and Country Music -- all of which we could use more of. "Here's to us and them like us, damn few, all dead."


As America emerges from the darkness of Donald Trump, Lady Liberty is a bookend to 2018’s Anger Management.  It is a celebration of hope, dedicated to the countless men and women who stood fast to renounce our darker inclinations and protect our Democracy, from the record number of voters to the Supreme Court. Lady Liberty, Day One is dedicated to John Lewis, a giant of Civil Rights.  Laura Dean is dedicated to the brave souls who protect and help us as the Pandemic rages, thank you, and to all who have succumbed to its ravages, in particular John Prine and Charley Pride. May they rest in peace.


Hot on the heels of the critically acclaimed I Hold Gravity, Anger Management is a hard-hitting political protest album in the spirit of Woody Guthrie, albeit with psychedelic guitars and funky New Orleans horns.  I See Hawks In L.A., prog instrumentalists Double Naught Spy Car, and LA legends Tommy Jordan and John David are the studio band.  Red State trigger warning: Trump fans beware!


This tribute to his late wife Susan marks the return of Gerry Spehar from a long hiatus to raise a family.  Encompassing leisurely swamp grooves, fingerpicked folk, country funk, and psychedelic country rock, I Hold Gravity is the spirit of the 70s, fresh and unbattered and ready for a world that could use a bit of optimism and erudition. It's country, folky, dark, witty.  Alt country from an OG picker, with I See Hawks In L.A., multi-instrumentalist Tommy Jordan, Nashville keys ace Chris Tuttle and fiddle virtuoso Gabe Witcher (Punch Brothers) as his backup band.


Bonus Track for I Hold Gravity: Smack in the heart of football crazed Texas lies the little town of Brady, population 5,553, home of the Bulldogs.  This song’s for all the young pups out there looking to be the next best QB - like Brady himself!  Are you ready world?  


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