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The Making of "I Hold Gravity" 

Thank you I See Hawks in L.A. who lit the fire for this soundtrack of our travels; co-writers Bobby, Ernie and Ed who helped gather the wood; Paul Lacques, who fanned the flame; the exquisite musicians who stoked it blazing; Alfonso Rodenas and Michelle Mancini who made it sparkle; Mitch Zelezny, Steve Croes, Stephanie Spehar and Lindsey Smith whose insights shaped it; artist Christine Spehar whose art design graces it.


Produced by Paul Lacques and Gerry Spehar; Recorded by Shawn Nourse, Gerry Spehar, Paul Lacques and Chris Tuttle; Mixed by Alfonso Rodenas; Mastered by Michelle Mancini (Larrabee Sound Studios)

To my beautiful Susan:  But a token of your glory.  I hold gravity and I love you.
Susan and Gerry Spehar

Susan and Gerry Spehar

I Hold Gravity

Backing Vocals: Rob Waller

I Hold Gravity

Bass: Paul Marshall

I Hold Gravity

Electric Guitar, Lap Steel, Dobro, Slide Guitar: Paul Lacques

I Hold Gravity

Drums: Shawn Nourse

I Hold Gravity

Backing Vocals: Christine Sephar (Be Nemanic)

I Hold Gravity

Trumpet: Erinn Bone (Be Nemanic)

Music Credits:

Drums:  Shawn Nourse; Bass:  Paul Marshall; Acoustic Guitar:  Gerry Spehar

Electric Guitar, Lap Steel, Dobro:  Paul Lacques

Organ, Piano, Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Accordion, Synth:  Chris Tuttle

Surdo (I Hold Gravity), Dulcimer and Black Box (Into The Mystic):  Tommy Jordan

Trumpet:  Erinn Bone (Be Nemanic); Dan Clucas (Holy Moses Doughboy)

Fiddle (Muleshoe Mules):  Gabe Witcher

Percussion (I Hold Gravity and Into The Mystic):  Nelson Marquez

Lead Vocals:  Gerry Spehar

Backing Vocals:  Dirt – The Love Susan Choir; Muleshoe Mules – Elizabeth McNabb, Gerry Spehar; I Hold Gravity – Tommy Jordan, Gerry Spehar; Be Nemanic – Christine Spehar, Tommy Jordan, Gerry Spehar; Holy Moses Doughboy  and Here In The Pass – Bobby Allison, Gerry Spehar; Mr. & Mrs. Jones – Gerry Spehar; How To Get To Heaven From LA – Tommy Jordan, Paul Marshall, Paul Lacques; God Lubbock – Rob Waller, Paul Marshall, Gerry Spehar; Into The Mystic – Tommy Jordan, Elizabeth McNabb

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