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Live Studio Session
Gerry Spehar is an indie-country musician and songwriter. Spehar's latest album, Delta Man, is a collaboration with his long-time friend and music partner, Bobby Allison. During Gerry's early Colorado years, Bobby’s captivating voice, writing and presence made him a star of the Denver music scene.  Bobby and Gerry have been writing and performing as a duo since 1981, and have opened shows for artists ranging from Merle Haggard to Ray Charles to Boz Scaggs to Townes Van Zant.  In 1985, they played the Grand Ol Opry as finalists of the Wrangler Country Showdown; in 1986, Bobby won the Showdown and a Columbia contract.  This wide-ranging album includes their recordings from 1980s Nashville to current L.A.  



Delta Man


"We was dynamite, yall!" Allison sings. They still are.

— Steven Wine

New Album: DELTA MAN

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